Exoplanets III

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the Zoom URL of Exo3?
    There is no need to have a Zoom URL for Exo3. Your entry to the Zoom sessions goes through the Virtual Conference Center (VCC).
  • Where can I find the posters of Exo3?
    You can find the posters in the Virtual Conference Center (VCC).
  • When and how will we able to enter the Virtual Conference Center?
    The Virtual Conference Center will be opened on Friday, July 24. You access it with your usual Exo3 login. You can learn more about the Virtual Conference Center here.
  • How do I enter my Video and Slack contact data into the system?
    All Exo3-Online-participants are kindly asked to provide a video-call URL and their exo3.slack.com Slack ID. This will allow us to make the online conference truly interactive. A howto manual can be found here.
Please note that there is a more extensive FAQ inside the VCC: just click on the "helpdesk" icon in the main menu.
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