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How to enter my contact data?

Here we explain how you can enter your videoconferencing contact data, how to register to the exo3.slack.com workspace, and how to enter your Slack ID into our system. Deadline: Monday, July 20, midnight.

Why does Exo3 want my contact data?

With Exo3-Online we intend to emulate as closely as possible the conditions of a real conference. That means: meeting people, talking to people, discussing with people, telling people you are looking for a job, impressing people with your work, finding new collaborators, having nice chats, making new friends etc etc.

This means that Exo3-Online is intended to be much more than just a series of talks that you can passively listen to. Instead, it is intended to be an online meeting place, with talks, posters, discussions, lounges, random encounters, etc.

Our plan is based on three pillars:

  • The virtual conference center: The virtual conference center is a web-based interface to Exo3-Online. Shortly before the conference you will get access to it via your registration form (i.e. behind the login portal of Exo3). There will then be a big green button that leads you to it.
  • Video calling: By entering your personal URL of your favorite video conferencing tool, this URL will be connected to a button "Video Call" on your virtual Name Tag and on your poster/talk page. People viewing your poster, or reading the abstract of your talk can then get into a video call with you with one click (your video calling provider will, of course, allow you to decline).
  • The Exo3 Slack Workspace: Most of you know (or at least heard of) Slack. It is a popular chat platform that is used by numerous companies and research groups worldwide. We have created a special-purpose Slack workspace for Exo3-Online called exo3.slack.com. It is important that you register for that (see below), because this will be our announcement and communication channel during the conference. Given that everything will be virtual, if you are not registered on this workspace, you could be out of the loop if, for instance, the Zoom URLs change last minute or the schedule is changed last minute. But the main purpose of this Slack workspace is to provide a second way (in addition to the above mentioned video calling) to easily communicate with your peers at the conference.
Both communication channels (video call and Slack) are voluntary. You can follow all talks, view all posters, participate in all discussions and enter all lounges without these. But it will make your experience of Exo3 less interactive.

How do I enter this information?

Entering this information goes in the following steps:

  1. Login to your Exo3 account (by clicking e.g. here).
  2. Go to the Registration data Section, and click the 'Edit registration data' button.
    (click image to enlarge)
  3. Enter the URL of your personal 'video conference room' (What is this?).
    (click image to enlarge)
  4. Sign up to the Exo3 Slack workspace (if you have not yet done this) by clicking this button. If you already did this by clicking the invitation link in the email sent to you, then you can skip this.
    (click image to enlarge)
  5. Enter your Slack ID (How to I find this ID?).
    (click image to enlarge)
  6. Enter your time zone difference (in hours) from Heidelberg (negative for the USA, positive for Asia)
    (click image to enlarge)
  7. Don't forget to click Enter!
    (click image to enlarge)

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