Exoplanets III

The Exoplanets 3 Virtual Conference Center (VCC)

The Exoplanets 3 Online event will be more than just a series of talks. We intend to make it a pleasant and interactive experience, in which you can get to know new colleagues and discuss interesting science, in addition to listening to online talks and viewing online posters.

The entire event will take place on a new platform called the Virtual Conference Center (VCC). You will be able to access it through your usual login for Exoplanets 3.

The Virtual Conference Center is now open for registered participants LOG IN AND ENTER

The VCC is a web portal that gives you an overview of all the scheduled talks and posters. It is the starting point (and point of return) of your conference experience:

  • You can find the always up-to-date schedule there. If you set your time difference with respect to CEST, it will (in addition to the CEST time) display the times in your own time zone.
  • You can enter the live Zoom sessions with one click.
  • It features search functions to search talks/posters for keywords in the title or abstract, as well as the name of the presenter. You can also limit the list of posters or talks to one of the 10 topics of the conference. Once you have limited the list (either by topic and/or by search keyword), you can then, if you like, use the "View random poster" button to let yourself be surprised.
  • You can view the title and abstract page of each talk and poster:
    • For talks, it offers direct access to the talk. For posters, it offers direct access to the poster.
    • It offers various one-click ways to contact the presenter (email, Slack and Videocall).
    • There is a comment chat function below the abstract, allowing direct debate on the poster.
    • You can mark talks and posters for your private watchlist and readlist, so that you do not forget them. They will then be highlighted in the program and on the list of posters.
    • You can click on an "add to my calendar" button to download an ICS file that can automatically import this talk as an item into your calendar software on your computer.
  • There is also a helpdesk, in case you have questions about the conference or the VCC.
We tried to make the VCC as inuitive as possible, but we are aware that all new systems require some getting used to. We are working on a quick howto video and/or document, which will be put online as soon as it is ready.

VCC - Zoom connection

The actual video conferencing will be via Zoom. You do not need to know the Zoom URL. From within the Virtual Conference Center there are buttons that get you straight to the correct zoom room. No password is needed. Should you be asked for a password, log out of zoom entirely and click on the button in the VCC again.

When entering zoom sessions, please abide by our zoom etiquette, which is described here.

VCC - Slack connection

The text-based communication between participants, as well as announcements from the organization, is organized via exo3.slack.com. It is important that you sign up on the exo3.slack.com workspace, which you can do by clicking the corresponding button in your registration form.

"One-click" communication among participants

To make it as easy as possible for other participants to reach you, you are kindly (but strongly) recommended to enter your Slack ID (the one for exo3.slack.com, not for one of your other Slack workspaces) into your registration form. Likewise it is kindly yet strongly recommended to enter your Videocall URL into the registration form. Both things will then allow others to reach you with a single click of a button on your abstract page or name tag page.

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